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Protecting Your Home, Business, Family, & Personal Well-Being Through Custom Surveillance Services

Breathe easier with foot patrol and other surveillance services from Your Eye Investigations. We are based in Houston and serve all of Texas.

Falcon Fides™ F-20 Camera

The F-20 camera is a custom-built system that operates completely wirelessly. Self-powered to solar energy, a built-in, deep-cycled battery allows 24/7 backup. This provides precise, safe, and accurate pan, tilted, and zoom surveillance in real time. Your Eye Investigations can monitor live video globally from our tactical command center via the Internet. We can also transmit video up to 20 miles away from the captured area and location.

Private Detective

The Falcon Fides F-20 camera has day and night vision with a 360-degree zoom lens that records constantly and consistently. This particular model is corrosion- and weather-resistant and able to withstand an extreme temperature range from regions all over the world.

Foot & Vehicle Patrol

We provide a variety of innovative patrol services including, but not limited to, uniformed, tactical, or covert presence. With larger properties, the client has the availability of marked or unmarked patrol vehicles with video surveillance capabilities.