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Civil Process and Courthouse Discovery

All Investigators are approved on the Texas Supreme Court & Rule 103 List

Rendered Court Documents
Service Examples;  Cease and Desist Orders, Citations, Exparte Orders, Petitions, Protective Orders, Subpoenas, Temporary Restraining Orders, etc.

Courthouse Pick Up / Discovery
Our Licensed Investigative staff at Your Eye Investigations will pick up legal documents or execute discovery pertaining to any and all litigation cases that are filed in a court of law or any county seat.  Your Eye Investigations will format or custom taylor results in accordance with the clients specific requirements.  
Document Preparation
A process were our team prepares or generates any aggregate of data, either on paper or in electronic format;  documents that may be handwritten or typed, illustrations that are used in a court of law or that is legally binding.

A process of filing legal documents either by telephone or computer rather than a traditional filing form method.  Your Eye Investigations can handle all your e-filing in a timely and accurate manner pertaining to citations, petitions, or any and all documents that have to be filed pertaining to a legal matter in a court setting.  

Full Litigation Support
Your Eye Investigations offers a wide variety of complete services for the legal profession using the latest technology to legal professionals and support from our licensed investigative staff all under one company umbrella statewide.

Texas Statewide Service / All 254 Counties
Here at Your Eye Investigations we service all 254 counties in the state of Texas and surrounding regions in a professional manner.  At Your Eye Investigations there is no case too small or too big to personalize and obtain conclusive results for our clients.