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Professional Investigations

Child Custody
Investigation and discovery process for the client to help the court system determine legal or physical custody or visitation with respect to the child.

Comprehensive Criminal Background
Intensive detailed report which is broad in scope and content.  The investigative search includes criminal, civil, domestic and financial concerning nearly all elements or aspects pertaining to an individual or company or on any particular requested topic.

Concerned Parents
Discovery investigation for worried and interested parents concerning the safety and well being of there children and siblings.     

Counter Measures
Investigation or action taken to counteract danger or threat in a domestic or corporate setting or environment.  Your Eye Investigations provides “Out of the Box” unique solutions for risk mitigation of these situations.  Examples;  reputation attack, third party domestic attack, current / former employee attack.

Interviews and Recorded Statements
Recorded conversation consisting of questions for a person or company to answer face to face pertaining to a legal or civil matter and or case for legal discovery and facts.

Locate Witnesses
To search and confirm witnesses known physical captioned site or location and to request his or hers presence pertaining to a civil, criminal, domestic matter.  

Pre-Screening Checks
The act of investigating and collecting information for client and companies for prospective employment for applicants.    

Skip Trace / Missing Persons
Process or investigation used to find someone who is missing. It generally requires gathering, organizing and analyzing large amounts of data on an individual to make a conclusion about where that subject might be.

Undercover Operations
An investigation by disguising one's own identity or using a assumed identity for the purposes of gaining the trust of an individual or organization to learn secret information or to gain trust of a target in order to obtain information or evidence.

Video Surveillance
Investigation to monitor activity on a person or area-[company] using televised video equipment in order to research and confirm and document sensitive information for client.

Investigation to closely monitor or observe the activity of an individual or company that is engaging or suspected in participating in
activity that is against the law

Investigation to closely monitor or observe the activity of an individual or company for use of discovery in a civil or legal setting

•Domestic / Divorce Infidelity
Investigation to document discovery  pertaining to sexual unfaithfulness in a marriage, sexual relations with someone other than one's